Has your medical cannabis use become an issue in your family law matter? Do you anticipate it may become an issue? How will you deal with this issue in a custody, visitation, or child support hearing?

If you are a qualified medical marijuana patient going through a divorce or custody and visitation battle, you may be faced with unique challenges before a judicial officer or opposing litigant who does not understand California medical cannabis law.

We provide legal services in the family law areas of: divorce, paternity (parents not married), obtaining spousal and/or child support modifications, obtaining modifications of custody and visitation orders, and domestic violence restraining orders. family_lawyers

For Unmarried Couples we offer prenuptial agreement drafting services and for couples who have been living together and are breaking up (there is no such thing as common law marriage in California), if there is a dispute over property ownership, our office is able to file a civil lawsuit known as a Marvin lawsuit. We also provide mediation services.

Brooke Law Group’s legal practice includes both the areas of corporate cannabis law and family law giving us unique insight into possible legal issues related to medical marijuana use. Call us to see if we are able to assist you with your unique family law needs.

A free article on child proofing the home for qualified medical marijuana parents is located on our Services page.
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